AUSTRIA - Imst Schemenlaufen 2016 { 27 images } Created 31 Jan 2016

Schemenlaufen is a traditional Fasnacht (carnival) procession held only once every four years in Imst, Tirol, Austria (31 January 2016). There are several groups of 'characters' in Schemenlaufen, all wearing elaborate costumes and masks. The two main groups are the Roller (‘jumpers’) and Scheller (‘ringers’), who together perform an elaborate dance, the latter wearing huge cowbells around their waists. Other characters include the Hexen (witches); Sackner (who clear the procession route by swinging large ball-like 'sacks', made from cloth and stuffed with dried corn leaves); Spritzer (who squirt water on the crowd); Kübelemaje (who smear people's faces with white powder); Laggeroller and Laggeschaller (who perform a parody of the Scheller and Roller); as well as people in sheepskin bear costumes, bear handlers, chimney sweeps and monkeys. All of these characters, including the witches and the Kubelmaje (who wear female costume), are performed by men - women do not take part in the procession, but make the beautifully elaborate costumes - and only men from Imst may take part. Schemenlaufen in Imst is inscribed on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. © Rudolf Abraham
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